Our institute follows certain strategies for the students for making a successful transition from campus to the corporate world.

Campus to Corporate training is a Personality development program that helps students makes a smooth transition into the corporate life. It is created with the goal of empowering the fresh graduates with tools for refining their personal and professional excellence.
This training program help students gain the understanding of developing a right attitude, behaviour and skills required in the corporate environment and encourages them to proactively manage the transition from being a student to becoming an employee.

Developing the right attitude :

Developing the right attitude motivates one to be optimistic and helps the person to face career challenges successfully. There is a connect between the attitude one has today and the success one would get tomorrow. At GSIMR this is achieved by a perfect mix of extra mural lectures from the alumni and the corporate executives wherein not only exposure of different industries is given but at the same time the focus is largely on developing a positive attitude and converting the unfavourable into favourites as the slogan given by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to become “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.

Make a good first impression :

Create a best impression by exhibiting the traits of dedication and accountability in the course of work. The team at GSIMR ensures student participation in different activities to make them accountable for the tasks assigned to them.

Building relationships with the alumni :

It is very necessary to build the connect with the alumni as they are the future employers. The institute organizes alumni meets where the existing students interact with the alumni to explore corporate world and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Explore the organization’s culture :

Each organization has a unique DNA and to understand the culture and people associated with the corporate will help one to give their best performance. The placement cell of the institute ensures that students undertake internship which makes them understand the working in a corporate set up.

Soft skills and business etiquette training :

Unlike technical or ‘hard’ skills, soft skills are not about the knowledge you possess but the behaviors you display in different situations. The institute has a personality development cell which caters to the campus preparations via dressing etiquettes, communications skills including oral and written communication, Group Discussions and Personal Interviews.