Canvassing Yourself

About the program:

GSIMR Indore is thrilled to announce its upcoming training workshop, “Canvassing Yourself”.
This 10-day workshop is designed to help young graduates cultivate the skills needed to excel in the business world. With a focus on personal development, each day will feature a different expert sharing their insights and expertise in a 1.5 hour session.
This is an excellent opportunity for any graduate looking to hone their skills and gain valuable insights from renowned industry professionals. Students from other colleges are also welcome to attend, making this workshop an accessible and valuable investment in your future success.

Eligibility: Graduates only


8th May 11 AMNon verbal Communication
By Ms. Shweta Agrawal Jain
(Director at SAJ Overseas)
Anchor: Shalini malviya
Faculty Profile Reading: CA Prem Dua
8th May 12 AMAdapting to the Eternal Disequilibrium
By Mr. Sumeet Nandedkar
(Director at SAJ Overseas)
Anchor: Shalini malviya
Faculty Profile Reading: CA Prem Dua
9th May 9 AMCorporate Etiquettes
By Ms. Pooja Pandey
(HR Head at Pratap Snacks)
Anchor: Taniya chabra
Faculty Profile Reading: Dr. Shameen Warsi
10th May 9 AMEQ-IQ-SQ
By Dr. Sandeep Atre
(Founder of Socialigence)
Anchor: Palak saxsena
Faculty Profile Reading: Mr. Vijendra Khowal
11th May 9 AMMind Management
By Mr. Prafful Joshi
(Founder Save the Life Cycle)
Anchor: Nimisha Goyal
Faculty Profile Reading: Dr. Shweta Sharma
12th May 9 AMPersonal Branding
By Ms.Deepika Upadhyay Pathak
(CEO, MD at JBPL Group)
Anchor: Ritika Mishra
Faculty Profile Reading: Ms. Amita Agrwal
13th May 9 AMAttitude: Game Changer
By Ms. Vishakha Atre
(HR Head at 47 Billion)
Anchor: Lekshmi Prakash
Faculty Profile Reading: Dr. Shameen Warsi
15th May 9 AMDeveloping Habits
By Mr. Hemsingh Patle
(Coach and Author)
Anchor: Naman Sharma
Faculty Profile Reading: Ms. Insha Mohd
16th May 9 AMRejuvenate Yourself
By Dr. Sushama Rawat
Anchor: Ayush sharma
Faculty Profile Reading: Dr. Dheeraj Tiwari
17th May 9 AMGoal Setting
By Dr. Mayank Shukla
(Panel Anchor Doordarshan)
Anchor: Ayushi Singhai
Faculty Profile Reading: Dr. Neha Modi
18th May 9 AMHow to Achieve the Happiness
By CA Sourabh Purohit
Anchor: Shreyal Sharma
Faculty Profile Reading: CA Prem Dua

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    Registration Fee:

    Rs.1000 per student
    (Rs.500 for GSIMR Students)


    Under-graduate and above