Canvassing Yourself Day 1

GSIMR Hosts Successful Training Program on Non-Verbal Communication and Adapting to Eternal Disequilibrium

Indore, 8th May 2023 – Govindram Seksaria Institute of Management and Research (GSIMR) recently concluded its highly anticipated 10-day training program, “Canvassing Yourself,” held at the Expression Hall, GSIMR college. The program featured influential industry experts who shared valuable insights with participants.

The program commenced with an engaging session on “Adapting to Eternal Disequilibrium” by renowned business strategist and coach, Mr. Sumeet Nandedkar, associated with T. Choithram Foundation. Participants gained insights on embracing constant change for personal and professional growth. Following this, Ms. Shweta Agrawal Jain, Director at SAJ Overseas, delivered a session on “Non-Verbal Communication,” emphasizing the importance of understanding body language and non-verbal cues in effective communication.

The Canvassing Yourself program at GSIMR provided participants with transformative learning experiences, equipping them with crucial skills for career success. With a diverse range of expert speakers and topics, the event empowered individuals and offered valuable insights throughout its duration.